Hope Miracle Were

Loves Playtime

Hope is a little boy who was born premature. Since he was born premature, he spent two months in the hospital. Shortly after birth, his mother passed away from breast cancer and shortly thereafter Hope's father disowned him and his other siblings.

Hope was taken in by his aunt while Hope's grandmother is taking care of the other children.

Life for both Hope and his aunt have been difficult since Hope's aunt had to pay astronomical hospital bills and for medications leading to insufficient funds for food. 


Gladys Ayeta

Likes to play netball

Gladys is a child that is still in great pains after losing her beloved father in a motorbike accident last June. Gladys's mother and older siblings had to begin working on the small family farm to sustain the family, however the income has left little for the three (Gladys, Catherine, Frank), Daisy Centre aged children, to continue in school, let alone.

Due to the loss, the family has had to change their meals whereby they used to have three meals per day but are now forced to have just one or even go hungry. They currently live in a semi- permanent house.

Gladys loves school so much and together with her siblings, they wake up very early for school since they walk 3 km each morning. 

Note: both Gladys and Catherine need to be sponsored. Frank is currently being sponsored by someone else.