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Education For Generations


Million Orphaned Children in Kenya


Refugees located in Utah


Years of Providing Funding and Services to Children in Need



Make a Difference

One Child at a Time


EFG works to promote education for underprivileged children which provides them with opportunities to excel, so they can help their communities as well as their future generations.


 Volunteering enriches lives.  Education for Generations (EFG) wants to encourage children and young adults to aid in the needs of others.  We work hard to promote education and volunteerism locally and abroad to increase awareness about  helping others in need .  


Local Refugee 


800-1000 refugees are resettled annually in Utah. Due to lack of formal education and English language skills most refugee heads of household are working at entry level jobs and are struggling just to meet housing, food and utilities costs.  
EFG uses funds to support extracurricular activities such as sports and other secular learning activities like museums, and participating in the arts are not only beyond refugee family’s budget, but registering for and providing transportation to these activities is expensive and difficult to navigate.

Basic Hygiene Education

Over one in five elementary age children in Utah are overweight or obese. Children perform better in school and have improved classroom behavior and academic success if they are more physically fit.
In the impoverished areas of Africa children who are fortunate enough to go to school are struggling to learn without adequate nutrition to sustain them.
EFG will work with the PTA and school community councils in Utah schools for children to make pledges to improve physical activity and food choices which in turn will raise money to provide adequate daily nutrition for the children of Africa.

Daisy School Funding

Education is critical to lift oneself out of poverty and be able to act independently without the constraints of reliance on others. EFG provides funding to help this incredible school get the supplies and resources needed to continue education the youth of Kenya

Sponsoring a Child Program

One of the incredible ways EFG has to give is Sponsoring a Child in Kenya. Daisy's School has a lot of kids who do not have the financial necessities to pay for education or even for a meal. EFG offers different plans where you can change a child's life by sponsoring them for a year or half a year. Your sponsorship would provide funding for items like, books, uniforms, lunch time meal

All Ways to Give

Sponsor a Child



Daisy's Centre and Academy

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